What is the largest ice skating rink in the world?

Guinness World Records recently confirmed the fact that the largest ice rink in the world is situated in Ottawa, Canada. This is probably one of the best attraction of the city each winter, especially if you take into consideration the fact that over one million visitors visit there to try the skateway which is the 7.8 km Rideau Canal Skateway. In order to get a good idea about the size of this you should know the fact that the surface is equal to ninety Olympic ice rinks and it goes down through the center of the city, making it very fun and entertaining place to be.

It starts from the Dow Lake and proceeds to the Arts Centre. Joining the fun is free for everybody and you can find a good number of snack stands, skate rentals or souvenir shops for the tourists.

The Rideau Canal Skateway was designated to be the largest skate rink in the world in the year 2005. In order to ensure the security of the people skating there, it gets open when the ice starts to measure 30 cm in thickness. This happens in December and it stays open up until March.

rideau canal Ottawa

The natural ice rink is one of the main attraction of the city during winter and it’s also at the same time a great attraction during the popular Winterlude. The Rideau Canal, which is over 200km long, connects both Ottawa and Kingston has now been designated as a heritage sites.

This ice rink can be a major tourist attraction for the city and in case you are there and especially during the festival that happens, you should try the traditional snack. It’s called beaver Tails and it’s a delicacy made out of fried dough that looks exactly like a beaver tail. There are different topics available including cinnamon and chocolate.

Another thing that can be considered to be great, is that during the winter months it’s a common practice for the residents to stop using their car when going to work and skate. At the same time in Canada there is a huge number of people that own their own pair of skates, especially since hockey is the national sport and it’s practice by millions in Canada.

The Canal Skateway is only open when the ice starts to be thick enough to support people without the risk of falling into the water. You don’t want to start skating and see the ice breaking beneath you. During the time when the natural ice rink is operational there are continuous measurements made in order to assure the safety and it’s only open during the time when the ice measure at least 30 cm. This happens only after a few days of cold weather. In case during the season there are a few days with warm weather and the ice starts to shrink, it can be closed but only on a temporary basis.

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