Romford Ice Rink Closed

Ice skaters from London that used to go to the Romford Ice Rink have received some recent bad news. The facility is going to close on 15th of April 2013. Those that used it on a regular basis and here we can include the players, the public, coaches and parents are now campaigning to open a temporary venue where they could skate. The Romford Ice rink will now be taken over by the superstore Morrison’s and at the same time there will also be a leisure center built. The new facility is going to be located on the Western Road and it will also include a brand new ice rink.

Romford  Arena

The project is still waiting for approval and planning permission and after that there will be two years in which the skaters will have nowhere to go.
The campaign managed to put together 150 people that were raising money in order to have a temporary facility for skating. They are hoping to be able to work with the city council and to be able to get that temporary venue until the new ice rink from the leisure center will be open.

Karen Solomon, one of the rinks popular figure skating coach said that they all have the same target, to get a facility to skate and keep the training sessions intact during all the period when the old rink is closed and the new one is under construction. The perfect situation would be to keep the old one opened up until the new one is built. They hoped to create a non-profit facility where people and here we talk mainly about children could skate and at the same time the city council should provide them with land or venue to get that.

There were many children that were using the Romford Ice Arena to train for hockey or to use it as a training ground for figure skating. Now that it’s gone, things will never be the same again. The closest ones are very far and people would have to go all over to Chelmsford or Lea Valley. These are too far to go to, especially for those that do not own a car. The children from Romford formed a team and they used to train together, now they are no longer able to do that.

The Ice Arena from Romford was falling to pieces during the last few years and this happened as there were no trash bins and people started to throw their litter all over the place and the toilets were very dirty and smelly. While this might look as a reason to build a new one, it all looks like it was a forced decision based by those that have an interest of the nice location the old rink had.

The fact that the Romford ice rink was close had a negative impact on the community and people will most received more from an inexpensive ice rink than a superstore that is now being built.

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