Romford Ice Hockey Arena

The Romford Hockey Arena is an important ice hockey rink that was built during the ‘80s. The location of the rink is in Romford, which is a borough in the Havering area. The site was launched back in the year 1987, and it’s located right in the heart of the Romfort neighborhood in London in the eastern part.

Romford Hockey Arena

You can have access to a multitude of facilities and programs, starting from the normal ice skating sessions where you can learn how to skate on an ice rink open all year long and there is also the possibility to join the ice hockey team. One of the most exciting things about this ice rink is that you can even have a foam party on ice, which is probably one of the most entertaining things you can do there.

The ice rink is one of the more popular attractions in the area and it’s a place where both adults and children have access at the facility. The prices are decent and in most cases they are based on the time when you are joining the fun. For children the prices start from just 4 GBP while the adult price start from 4.50 GBP. This makes it an affordable way to skate. There are also some special prices available for senior citizens and children under the age of 5.

The phone number where you can contact Romford Ice Hockey Arena is 01708 724731. There you can get full access to all the information you might need in order to go practicing your skating skills.

Along with the public skating, the Romford Ice Hockey Arena is also the home of the Romford Raiders, an ice hockey team. The venue is also used by the professional figure skating coaches and its high quality ice make it perfect for that training.

An important year for this ice skating rink was in 2011, when the arena was about to get demolished in order to be rebuilt with some new features like a pool and gymnasium. In the end the Havering Council decided just to renovate the rink and keep the existing building.

One of the latest news regarding this ice rink is that it was closed in April 2013. Right now the building is under construction and what used to be a cheap facility where you could go skating in London is going to get replaced in the future with a Morrison’s superstore. There is also a new leisure center under construction right now and this is also going to feature an ice rink. The new facility is most likely going to be smaller and at the same time a lot more expensive. There were many against all this, but there was little that could be done.

We do hope that things will get back to normal for the Romford Ice hockey Arena and that the new ice rink will be open soon enough.

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