Indoor ice skating rinks

Skating is a very nice activity that can be done indoor and outdoor. In order to practice this sport you need to have the proper equipment which in many cases can be rented and at the same time you also need to know how to balance.
The outdoor tracks are in most cases very popular as they are free in case they are natural like frozen lakes, ponds and rivers. The ice skating has always been a fun and entertaining activity as you are given the chance to get a good work out and also relax.

If you take a look at what’s available all over the world, you can find thousands of ice rinks and some of them are indoor.

Indoor ice skating rink

There are a few advantages that the indoor ice skating rinks get over the outdoor ones. First of all the ice is more consistent and this is happening as they are always controlled in order to have a certain temperature that brings the best ice and the quality of the ice are not going to be different based on the weather outside. Another thing you should consider is that the indoor ice skating rinks will function under normal conditions even during the periods when it’s hot outside.

The outdoor ice rinks are usually open only during the winter months. This gives you access to a limited time when you can skate. The principle doesn’t apply for the indoor rinks.

Ice skating has always been popular and many thousands of years ago it was used in order to get across the frozen waterways. It began to be seen as a sport only during at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then you could start to see ice rinks in the major European cities. The first indoor ice skating rink was built in Canada, just as you would expect.

The first one was open in Victoria, Canada. The capacity of the rink was 4,000 people and the cost of the project was $100K. After that the next ice rink was able to bring in 10K people and the cost was twice as high. United States right now has more than 1,700 different ice skating rinks, their cost is a lot bigger compared to the project presented above and it can easily reach even a few million dollars.

The concept behind the indoor ice skating rinks is working just like a refrigerator or an AC unit. Below the rinks you can find pipes that run refrigerant liquid and that make sure the ice surface is there all year round. The temperature in the room is also controlled by AC and this way even if it’s a hot summer outside, you can still enjoy some high quality ice skating time.
The good ice is achieved only by controlling the temperature and making sure that also the humidity is right. An interesting aspect is that in the countries where there is a low temperature outside, you could also see indoor ice skating rinks that need to be heated in order to maintain a high quality ice.

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