How to build your own ice rink your back yard

In case you want to practice ice skating, or just train for the hockey team in your backyard, then you should definitely opt for a do it yourself ice rink. There are much reason people want to build their very own ice rink in the back yard. You could be practicing your skating skills there or have some amazing ice hockey matches with your friends.

backyard ice rink

If you visit the stores, you might be able to find some do it yourself kits, but they might prove to be quite expensive and in some cases they can even go for up to $600. You can always build it with stuff you can find around the house and in most cases the only thing you will need is a flat area in your backyard, PVC, a plastic tarp and a few tools, plus let’s not forget about water.

The building process is very simple, but before you head to the hardware store, you will need to ask a few questions. First of all you need to measure down the size of it. The size is in most cases given by the size of your backyard and at the same time your budget limits. Things are always going to be more expensive when you are building a bigger rink.

You need to think about who will build the rink once you get all the materials home in your backyard and it’s always best to have someone helping you. Based on the size of the rink you should pay around $2-300 on the rink and in case you are lucky enough, you could use those in order to keep it on for at least 5 winters in a row. This means that the overall cost is a lot lower compared to what you would have to pay in order to enter any skating rink in your city.

The concept behind the building of your ice rink is very simple. All you have to do is to spread the plastic tarp on the ground and use the sewer pipes and the corners around the plastic tarp. You will need to use snow around the ice arena you’re building so that the water is not going to escape from what you’ve built. The next step is very simple, you just need to take the hose and start putting water there and wait over the night. You will need to have temperature below zero and if you live in Canada or any country from the northern Europe, you should have zero problems with doing this.

During the last winter the temperatures were quite disappointing and keeping your rink in good shape was near impossible for many months. But we do hope that the global warming is not going to take down our dream to build an ice rink in our back yard in the coming years.

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