Edmonton’s New Arena Showcased to Fans

The new “Rogers Place” which is being built in Edmonton will stand as the new home for famed NHL hockey team, the “Edmonton Oilers”. Those die hard fans whom wanted to witness the raw construction of this future dream stadium were able to do so last week in January 16th, 2016. Those fans whom wants to witness the stadium had to brave temperatures of -20, the majority of the building’s frame is concrete which only furthered the cold. None the less one thousand different fans braved the cold weather in order to see what their future teams home would be & to gain some astonishingly beautiful pictures.

Edmonton’s New Arena

Apparently this arena in 75% completed, the only things needed to complete the arena is the exterior and interior touches. The frame itself is entirely built as is all the needed hydro, water and heating mechanics. This’ll mean that the September 2nd, 2016 opening for this new arena is set to be completed right on time.

The old arena won’t be torn down, instead it’ll act as a hockey arena for smaller teams and various venues. This arena will be focused directly towards venue operators, providing a smaller fee to rent out the stadium. Renting out the new “Rogers Place” will surely be expensive for the coming years. Using the previous stadium for the Oilers would be a far more viable option for anyone wishing to hold a major venue in Edmonton, Canada.

Those wishing to see photos of the new Rogers Place’s raw frame can do so via Instagram or Facebook via the hashtag #EdmontonRogersPlace.