Ottawa Senators Won’t Play At LeBreton Flats

The owner of the Ottawa Senators, Eugene Melnyk stated this Friday during a “Skate for School Children” event that he will never allow for his team to play at the new arena being constructed at LeBreton Falls if he loses his proposal.

Ottawa Senators

Mr. Melnyk & his team proposed that a new arena be built for the Ottawa Senators. Within a few weeks another company known as the DCDLS Group also made a proposal of building a new arena at LeBreton Falls. This competing bidder seems to believe that they have an opportunity to bring another team to Ottawa. Unfortunately this simply isn’t the case as the few new NHL Teams that’ll be inducted in the upcoming years will be located in Las Vegas or Hamilton, Ontario.

Eugene has also made it clear that he will never hand off control of the team to another company. That the Ottawa Senators are now a family owned team, that in his will his daughter holds claim to a large portion of his riches and the Ottawa Senators. This wasn’t done by his choice either, it was his daughter who proposed that the team remain within the family.

The NCC has yet to release any information regarding their choices in this manner as of right now. Melnyk’s harsh response’s places them in somewhat of a tough position as there’d be no point to building a new arena if no NHL Team would play at the arena. The amount of time required to return a profit from music, comedy or any other kind of events would be far to long.