Bomb Threat Cancels Soccer Match

Bomb threats or any terrorist threats are being taken extremely seriously since the attacks in Paris. Europe’s security as a whole has increased vastly, the latest threat comes from a Germany Soccer Match. The Netherlands & Germany were supposed to play one another in a friendly soccer match until a bomb threat came in during the evening. This bomb threat from two extremists who stated they had soldiers upon two planes, ready to bomb the stadium. One of the planes was from Los Angeles, it was diverted to Salt Lake City and the other threat came from a flight coming from Washington D.C., it landed safely as well in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The FBI is currently investigating into how these threats could have been true. As of right now it seems that no one on either one of these aircrafts were caring any weapons, bombs or had a meaning to harm anyone. A total of forty nine thousands individuals were evacuated from the stadium as well in just under twenty minutes thanks to security, police and the average citizens helping with the process. These threats apparently came from a concrete source, both planes are being thoroughly searched in order to ensure that no bombs were planted on the aircraft.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the officials expected to be at the match up. This could have been one of the reasons as to why this threat was taken so seriously. After France was attacked last week, one of the attacks being a soccer match against France & Germany, it’s not surprising that Germany would take these threats so seriously.