MGM Arena Parking Issues

The MGM Grand Casino is one of the most famous land based casinos in the world. One of the futures most popular hockey arenas is called “MGM Arena” and its set to open as of April 2016. This new is being created in hopes that Las Vegas will receive a NHL Team, unfortunately they have some competition against Quebec who’ve also created an arena that’s already open.


Unfortunately there is a major issue with this arena and that issue is the parking. The County Laws for Las Vegas, Nevada is that one parking spot one be put in place for every four people. This is the county presuming that everyone going to Las Vegas is a family of four which is far from the case. Luckily the MGM Grand has contacted an array of different parking garages only minutes away from the arena, the CEO of MGM states that through this method they’ll be able to have a total of 3,700 parking spots through this garages.

Hopefully this makes parking a fair amount easier for all who attend this arena. Unfortunately many people still believe this is going to prove to be an issue & it’ll also back up the strip by a large amount, making it difficult for all others trying to access the strip. The traffic & parking issues that come from this arena could eventually call for the country to change their bylaws with parking. In return this could allow for MGM Grand to make an underground garage under the stadium in the future.

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