Vancouver Rogers Arena Turns Twenty

The Vancouver Rogers Arena will now be losing its teenager status as of next month. This arena will now be turning twenty years of age and throughout its lifespan it’s become one of the most beloved sports/entertainments venues in the country.

Vancouver Rogers Arena

This downtown Vancouver arena has now had a total of twenty seven million visitors and three thousand events since Bryan Adams opened the arena with a sold out concert on September 19th, 2015. Since then many famous celebrities have gone through those doors such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth II, The Rolling Stones, US, Bill Clint and the Dalai Lama. Still though even with all of the famous figures that have performed at this arena it’s most famous for being the home base of the Vancouver Canucks, The Vancouver Grizzlies before they were moved to Memphis and two other small sporting league teams that didn’t become as famous as the Canucks or Grizzlies.

The Vancouver Canucks owner Arthur Griffiths has a lot to do with this arena being built. He knew twenty years ago that if the Canucks continued to play at the Pacific Coliseum in East Vancouver as they did for twenty seven years then the team would die quickly. A change in hockey was occurring at the time, most famous hockey teams were excelling in their cities downtown areas. That’s why Mr. Griffiths took it upon himself to work alongside the city so that a new entertainment venue arena could be built in the heart of downtown Vancouver. After much debate that’s exactly what happened.

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