Milwaukee Bucks Getting New Arena

Various professional sports teams from an array of different sports are gaining new arenas. Edmonton is gaining a new Roger’s Center, Las Vegas is building a brand new arena in hopes of getting their own NHL Team and the most recent arena to be approved was for the National Baseball League’s Milwaukee Bucks. This new stadium has been given a budget of $250 Million which will surely allow for an astonishing, high tech facility to be built for the beloved baseball team.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Wisconsin Assembly approved the vote by 18 votes, this landslide ensured that no one would protest the decision as well. Jason Kidd, the Coach of this baseball team and Peter Feigin, the President of the Bucks watched from the gallery with pleasure. It’s not surprising that this new arena is being built as the president and coach have both expressed that the team might move due to the fact that Wisconsin hasn’t built a new arena in decades. Within twenty years another $150 Million will also be invested into the facility to modernize it, fix any potential issues and an array of other things that could pop up within twenty years. Both the Democrats and Republicans agreed that building this facility is a good thing as it’ll keep the team, the players behind the team and their taxes within the state of Wisconsin.

This just goes to show that these politicians have no concerns for their citizens but only the money that can be brought in as a profit.

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