Detroit Red Wings Show Off New Arena

The Detroit Red Wings are one of the more beloved hockey teams in the Eastern States. Today fans of the professional hockey team can get a sneak peek at their new stadium and the surrounding areas around it. This new hockey arena has cost Detroit $450 Million but it’ll allow for a higher quality experience for those who attend venues or hockey games at this new arena.

Detroit Red Wings

Olympia Entertainment & Development worked alongside the various companies building this arena in order to create a 3D-Printed animated model of the Detroit District & the new arena which has yet to be named by the red wings. This new arena plans on providing fans of the red wings with a brand new immersive experience through dozens of new 100 inch television monitors across the stadium as well as 4K Projection TV’s as well. The seating is said to be more comfortable as well, supporting a cushion of some kind in order to provide more comfort. The end result is that this arena will be unlike any other in the National Hockey League.

In order to create the Detroit District it is costing the owners of the Detroit Red Wings another $650 Million upon its approval by the Detroit city government. This approval is just waiting to be processed through but has been ensured to be a go by the government. This’ll allow for new growth & birth to be brought to the city and possibly become a massive tourist destination for those around the world.

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