Las Vegas Hockey Arena on Way

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the world, each year millions venture off to the Las Vegas Strip in order to enjoy the casinos and all the Vegas has to offer. As one of the most well-known cities in the world, Las Vegas has been trying their hardest to be awarded one of the two new NHL Teams that will be chosen in the upcoming months.

Las Vegas

Vegas wishes to have the team so much that they’ve already begun to build the arena for their potential NHL Team. The arena already has more than half of the stands completed, the roof is almost completed as well. The hockey rink itself still needs to be built, the indoors of the building where restaurants and ticket booths would be held have yet to be built and much more before this hockey arena can open their doors for the first time.

None the less the fact that Las Vegas is going to such lengths in order to gain one of the two new NHL Teams for next season is a big incentive that’ll surely put them on the top of the NHL’s list. If this was the case it would allow for a mass amount of new people to enter the city which in return would allow for a small rebirth in the city to take place.

Any updates on the construction of this new NHL quality hockey arena will be reported when available.

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