Bill Cosby

Kitchener Ontario, a small city located in Canada is known for loving hockey and big shows. The Kitchener Aud is home to the Kitchener Rangers & it’s become home to various guest stars who have exploded local cities into excitement. The most recent local guest to arrive to the Kitchener Aud is Bill Cosby, a man who have been under a large amount of public reticule over the last two months. Two months ago it was revealed that Mr. Cosby has sexually assaulted multiple people throughout his career, though these are just allegations they haven’t been denied by anyone and Hollywood stars aren’t defending his honor. This has led people to believe that these allegations are true to the word.


None the less this doesn’t meant that there are people who believe that these allegations are false and that Bill Cosby is the simple man we know from his comedies. This is proof enough as Kitchener citizens & people from local cities came to the Kitchener Aud in waves to show their support for Bill Cosby. Others went to the Kitchener Aud to put shame on this elderly man which resulted in a number of physical altercations amongst supporters and accusers. None the less this show was sold out and as a result the Kitchener Aud is now receive media cruelty in its local area.

It’ll be interesting to see this story unfold and watch as this old man loses all fame he once held. These allegations are true, all famous stars who have had allegations of such seriousness placed upon them have had an army of famous actors behind them. Mr. Cosby does not!

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