U2 Kicks Off 2015 Tour

U2, one of the most popular bands in the world with lead singer “Bono” a well known humanitarian around the globe. Earlier on this month the famous band kicked off their new tour at the Vancouver Rogers Arena in Canada, showing that Canada still has a loyal following for fans for the incredible band. As of right now the band will be traveling across Northern America for the first part of their tour and for the second part of their tour they will be going to Europe. This means that fans of Bono all across the world can listen to him & U2 play our favorite songs.


The tour has already been gaining a lot of spotlight in the musical industry. People thought that Bono wouldn’t allow for this tour to happen as he gave away his new album for free across iTunes, noting that music should be free to the masses. This made people make fun of him badly through the internet and in the media which resulted in Bono revealing that he is blind and believes that music should be free to all instead of costing people money that they might not have.

Truly even to this day Bono is one of the most inspiring musical artists known to the recent generations. He does everything in his power in order to ensure that people get what they need and now he offers his music for free so that people who might not be able to pay for music can experience it for free.

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