NBA Arena Proposed

It seems that something unique will be coming to the Las Vegas Strip for the first time in decades. Brett Ewing, a man working for a former NBA Super Star is designing a brand new NBA Sports Arena for the Las Vegas Strip. This has never before been seen in Las Vegas and it’s only an idea that has been proposed as of right now. This new facility would cost a total of $690 Million to make and it would require that an NBA Team move to Las Vegas. This could prove to be a profitable investment though as Las Vegas is a major tourist zone which has been trying to find new ways of entertaining guests other than gambling.


The Eastern Conference in the NBA has expressed multiple times that they are planning to bring two new teams to the league in Las Vegas & Seattle. This wouldn’t only allow for more profit to come to the NBA & the city of Las Vegas but it would also shorten the distance for teams & fans to travel to enjoy the games. There is no confirmation if this will be happening or not, as of right now Las Vegas Government Officials have to approve the structure and the plan before anything can begin.

We shall keep you informed on what it to happen with this NBA Arena. It’ll have a retractable roof and it’ll also allow for multiple sports to be played on the same field due to advancements in technology. This means that multiple professional sports teams could make their way to Las Vegas.

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