Final Season Played

The New York Islanders, a professional hockey team that has won four Stanley Cups throughout the years are playing their final season in the famous & beloved “Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum”. This has upset long time fans of the New York Islanders as this hockey arena has history beyond that of the NHL. There have been people who have proposed in this arena and begun a long happy life in Marriage. There have been dreams that have been accomplished in this arena and though all of these memories took place in this arena those memories will remain in our hearts.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

This stadium isn’t being torn down though, it is instead being renovated in order to cater towards minor league hockey players and the home team for the New York Islanders. As of right now the Winnipeg Jets & the New York Islanders are getting ready to play the last and final NHL game in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. This Coliseum has been the home for the islanders since 1972, for more than forty years this NHL team has bleed, sweat and won on this ice.

The new arena is currently being built a few blocks away from their current arena. Those who beloved this arena won’t have to see it disappear as the New York Islander home games are always free, this means they can still relive the exciting moments they love. We shall keep you informed on the development on their new arena.

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