Edmonton Rogers Place Arena

Downtown Edmonton is going to become home of one of the best Hockey & Community Arena’s known to the world. Rogers is working alongside the city of Edmonton and the Edmonton Oilers to make one of the best arenas known to the NHL. The new arena is being called the “Edmonton Rogers Place Arena” and it is currently now being built. The first 9,000 Tonnes of Steel arrived on the site last Tuesday and it already seems that their working hard on creating this arena.

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers will play at this new arena once it is finished being built, it’ll also have a number of shopping stores and restaurants for people to enjoy. On top of that all there will also be a community rink built into this new arena as well, this means young children will be able to enjoy playing hockey in the same arena that the Edmonton Oilers have.

Those who want to see this marvel of an arena be built can do so as Rogers has created a website called “rogersplace.com” where you can view two twenty four video footage on this arena being built. It’s truly magnificent as you get to see Edmonton for the beautiful city it is if you never have before and you get to see a architectural masterpiece be built as well.
We’ll keep you informed on any changed that might occur in the building schedule or developers of the Edmonton Rogers Place Arena.

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