Spartak Moscow’s New Stadium

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia has officially visited “Spartak“, Moscow’s brand new stadium that Russia will be using for the 2018 World Cup venue to come. Clearly the President wants to make sure that everything is going well with the stadium, this being obvious as the stadium is roughly three years away from completion. Checking up on the stadium this early on indicates that he wants everything to be perfect for the 2018 World Cup.


The Spartak Stadium will be able to hold a total of forty five thousand people. It’ll be located in the Northwest section of Moscow. There are also other various buildings being built around it to cater towards the forty five thousand people attending the event.
The Russian Media did quote that Vladimir Putin said the following about Spartak, “The stadium is good to look at and is worthy of one of Russia’s favorite football teams.”
Vladimir Putin has also been recently discussing with fellow government officials about imposing a new law which would limit the amount of foreigners who would be able to play for a professional Russian Team. Sports which would be affected by this new law include Hockey, Rugby, Ice Hockey & many more. The President noted the following, “Russian born citizens must play a leading role in their professional sports to, it brings honor to our country.”

You will be able to see the stadium for all of its glory in the upcoming years when the 2014 World Cup Venue dawns upon us.

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