Pelham Arena Struck

Southern Ontario went through a series of lightning storms last week that rocked various areas in the province. One of the cities affected by these lightning storms was Pelham, Ontario. The Pelham Arena, a place where the young can go to play hockey or various other sports was struck by lightning. It left a large hole in the roof, damaged the electrical system of the old facility and also left burn marks across the roof.

The Pelham Arena

The Mayor of Pelham, Dave Augustyn spoke to CTV News about the lightning strike. During the interview he noted that the lightning struck the building around 10:30 A.M. He told reporters of the damage caused to the arena. Noting that the telephone system, Internet Connection, Electrical System and the roof were all damaged. At least the damage is repairable, it will just take awhile to repair as it will be digging into the cities funds. Luckily no injuries were reported from the incident, this proving to be the highlight of the storm as lightning can be very deadly.

The Mayor revealed that Pelham has been recently looking to replacing the thirty nine year old arena. He noted that he has pondered to himself that he thinks this lightning strike could very well be a sign from something greater. He said. laughing “Is somebody trying to tell us something”.

The Kitchener based company called “AECOM”, the company responsible for Pelham’s electrical systems and water systems has already assessed the building. The assessment is said to be “Very Damaging” and that the building is now on its last legs. The town of Pelham will now work towards creating a new arena that will cater towards sports such as Hockey, Soccer, Rugby and possibly even Baseball. This will cost Pelham a large amount of money but in the long run it can also bring a mass amount of profit to the city.

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