Newlyweds Have Their Vows

Ben and Courtney Sikkenga are recent newlyweds who took their vows last weekend on Saturday, August 1st. They took their vows at a Michigan Ice Rink where they first met each other at a very young age, they were both only in grade seven when they first met and now at the age of twenty three they finally have married. Ben is a lifelong player of hockey and his now wife is by far is one of his largest fans. When they walked out of the rink they were greeted by each one of their close friends holding hockey sticks above them.

Lakeshore Ice Center

The Brides and groomsmen got themselves dressed in the change rooms at the Lakeshore Sports Center before they skated onto the ice to stand beside their best friends. Guests who attended this unique wedding were granted the choice to either choose to sit on the ice or sit on benches that were placed behind the boards. Obviously the majority of them choose to sit on the ice which proved to be a lot of fun for young children who attended the wedding.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of people who attended this wedding. Throughout the years these two individuals have been able to meet a lot of good people who eventually became all their friends. This is the first time that the Lakeshore Sports Center has ever held a wedding and you can be ensured due to the popularity of this story they’ll hold more weddings

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