Montreal Lake Hockey Rink

The RCMP were sent to the Montreal Lake Hockey Arena after reports of a large group of teenagers entered the hockey arena with various cans of spray paint, crow bars, baseball bats and various other weapons that could cause damage. Once the RCMP went to the hockey rink they were surprised to see that within a fourteen hour period of time these teenagers were able to destroy nearly everything at the hockey rink.


Glass was broken around the rink, windows were broken, nearly everything was spray painted, the lobby was unrecognizable and the walls/ceilings were also damaged with burn marks all around them. This is one of the worse vandal calls that the Mounties, Sergeant Alen Presler said openly that he has never seen so much destruction created in such a short period of time. This incident occurred sometime between Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning.

Sergeant Alen Presler said the following, “These teenagers must of not been very intelligent as they didn’t bother to destroy the security system. We have each one of them on tape, their faces are identifiable and as of right now we are just confirming who these people are before we place anyone under arrest. It won’t take us long to finish the identification process. As of right now we have arrested one adult named Daniel Bruce Henderson and five youths that range from 13 to 15.”
We will keep you informed on all updates revealed regarding the destruction of this ice rink and regarding those who are being charged with this vandalism.

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