Tampa Bay Ice Skating Complex

It has been revealed by the Pasco County Commission Chairman that a $17 million dollar ice skating complex will be built within Tampa Bay. This came as a shock to many as Tampa Bay hasn’t invested in a new ice skating complex for its citizens for nearly two decades. Young figure skaters and hockey players have been forced to use old rinks, old equipment and more due to the lack of funding for these complex centers. When Jack Mariano, the Pasco Country Commission Chairman revealed that Tampa Bay will be spending $17 Million towards building a new ice skating complex everyone in the great city reveled at the idea.

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All together creating this new complex will cost Tampa Bay $20 Million. The complex will include four new rinks, a basketball court, a soccer field and a lacrosse field. This means that multiple sports will be able to be played through this Ice Skating Complex. The new complex is being built by the Skinner Brothers Realty, they have been given the rights to create the design plans for this new complex. It has also been revealed that this complex will open their doors in Fall of 2015. This is more than one year away but developers need this time in order to ensure a good design plan, a quality build and their paychecks for if they do a horrible job you can be ensured that Tampa Bay would sue.

Zimmerman, the man heading up the design plans for this complex said the following, “I plan to make this Ice Skating Complex the best that the world has ever seen. I want people to walk into our future facility and think wow a lot of amazing memories will be made here. I am creating an open layout which will allow for everyone in the building to move fluently between one another.”

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