Figure Skating Protests

You might not have known this but currently Ireland is hosting the International Skating Union Bi-Annual Conference. The International Skating Union revealed earlier on last months that they are considering ending professional figure skating within Ireland. This made two woman furious and they started to protest the decision to end professional figure skating in Ireland as it proves to be a sport that help young woman and men find their place in this world. When these woman starting protesting it was showcased by a local Dublin news program and this resulted in dozens upon dozens of more people joining their cause.

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The Conference is nearly over now after being held for one week and there are now two hundred people protesting the decision to end professional figure skating within Ireland. Parents of figure skaters, young woman and men in figure skating programs with hopes of being a professional figure skater one day and people connected to the Ireland Figure Skating Industry all protested the possibility of Figure Skating being banned in Ireland.

The International Skating Union did say the following earlier on this morning, “We now recognize that Professional Figure Skating within Ireland is something beloved by hundreds of people all around the country. We never realized that Figure Skating still had a loyal following in our country and with that said we have decided that we won’t be banning Professional Figure Skating in Ireland. This is all thanks to those who appeared before the ITS Headquarters and protested the thought of banning Figure Skating.”

Those protestors have now returned to their homes with a smile on their face, realizing that they were able to make a difference for those young skaters looking to enter the professional level.

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