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Figure Skating Protests

You might not have known this but currently Ireland is hosting the International Skating Union Bi-Annual Conference. The International Skating Union revealed earlier on last months that they are considering ending professional figure skating within Ireland. This made two woman furious and they started to protest the decision to end professional figure skating in Ireland as it proves to be a sport that help young woman and men find their place in this world. When these woman starting protesting it was showcased by a local Dublin news program and this resulted in dozens upon dozens of more people joining their cause.

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The Conference is nearly over now after being held for one week and there are now two hundred people protesting the decision to end professional figure skating within Ireland. Parents of figure skaters, young woman and men in figure skating programs with hopes of being a professional figure skater one day and people connected to the Ireland Figure Skating Industry all protested the possibility of Figure Skating being banned in Ireland.

The International Skating Union did say the following earlier on this morning, “We now recognize that Professional Figure Skating within Ireland is something beloved by hundreds of people all around the country. We never realized that Figure Skating still had a loyal following in our country and with that said we have decided that we won’t be banning Professional Figure Skating in Ireland. This is all thanks to those who appeared before the ITS Headquarters and protested the thought of banning Figure Skating.”

Those protestors have now returned to their homes with a smile on their face, realizing that they were able to make a difference for those young skaters looking to enter the professional level.

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Tampa Bay Ice Skating Complex

It has been revealed by the Pasco County Commission Chairman that a $17 million dollar ice skating complex will be built within Tampa Bay. This came as a shock to many as Tampa Bay hasn’t invested in a new ice skating complex for its citizens for nearly two decades. Young figure skaters and hockey players have been forced to use old rinks, old equipment and more due to the lack of funding for these complex centers. When Jack Mariano, the Pasco Country Commission Chairman revealed that Tampa Bay will be spending $17 Million towards building a new ice skating complex everyone in the great city reveled at the idea.

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All together creating this new complex will cost Tampa Bay $20 Million. The complex will include four new rinks, a basketball court, a soccer field and a lacrosse field. This means that multiple sports will be able to be played through this Ice Skating Complex. The new complex is being built by the Skinner Brothers Realty, they have been given the rights to create the design plans for this new complex. It has also been revealed that this complex will open their doors in Fall of 2015. This is more than one year away but developers need this time in order to ensure a good design plan, a quality build and their paychecks for if they do a horrible job you can be ensured that Tampa Bay would sue.

Zimmerman, the man heading up the design plans for this complex said the following, “I plan to make this Ice Skating Complex the best that the world has ever seen. I want people to walk into our future facility and think wow a lot of amazing memories will be made here. I am creating an open layout which will allow for everyone in the building to move fluently between one another.”

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Next Generation Batman Game

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One has the internals of a personal computer, the graphical capabilities behind each one of these devices is unlike anything the video game industry has seen before and for that reason players can expect a far better gaming experience throughout the next decade. One of the most beloved video game series from the last generation consoles is the “Batman Arkham” series, the reason for this is because this game had astonishing fighting mechanics that made you feel as if you were really the Batman. You would fend off against dozens of enemies and have those same enemies begging for your forgiveness in a matter of seconds. It is this very experience that allowed for three installments in the franchise to be developed with a fourth one in the works.

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There is a new Batman game coming in 2015. This new installment is called Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’ll be boasting an entirely new engine. Gotham will have never looked so real in a video game, this new installment in the franchise also allows for you to drive in the Batmobile for the first time and play as a veteran Batman who has now aged throughout the course of the last three games. This means that your fighting skills will be that of an assassin, your gadgets will be more advanced and the overall experience of the game will be that much better.

You can expect the new Batman Game to be released in spring of 2015.


Welcome to Romfordicearena

This website has one main purpose: to offer you all the information you might need regarding the ice hockey rinks in the world. We have gathered around all the information you might be looking for when you are trying to build your very own ice rink in your back yard, or information about the benefits you get for practicing this sport.


Another interesting section of our website is linked to the Romford Ice Arena from London that was shut down recently. This way you are given the opportunity to start finding out the information you might need regarding that ice rink that used to be a very affordable way for children to learn how to skate. Being transformed in a general megastore is not a great thing for the community and this way people have to drive for many miles and pay a lot more to get some high quality ice action. At the same time there were promises that the new project in that neighborhood of London is going to have a leisure center that is also going to contain an ice skate rink. This will probably be smaller compared to the Romford Ice Arena that went down, plus the prices will probably nowhere near what the Romford Arena had to offer. But at the same time everything is going to be modern and well kept.

One of the main concerns of the community that lives around the Romford Ice Arena is that there won’t be any other place around that area for the children to continue their training sessions.

Our website is dedicated to offering you all the information you need regarding the ice rinks. This way you can find out all the steps you have to take into account in order to design the perfect ice rink that you will build around the house.

You can find out what is the world largest ice rink, an information certificated by the Guinness World Records. There is also a list with some of the most popular and important ice rinks from all over the world. You can find out reviews of the most popular ice rinks that are located in United States.

The history of the first ice rink is also presented on our website. You can have a blast while visiting our website and no matter what type of information you are looking for regarding the ice rinks, you can find it.

Find all the information you might need regarding the ice rinks from all over the world and this way you can decide whether you should start practicing this sport.
Another article that you might find interesting and that is available on our website is regarding the health benefits that you get from practicing this sport and at the same time you can also find an article about the benefits brought to a community by an ice skating rink.